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Manpriya B’s Diva Collection celebrates the life, light and subtle elegance of slice diamonds set in flawless 18k white gold. The result is jewellery that combines glorious high glamour with a fresh contemporary chic.

Step out and unleash your inner Diva with the romance of slice diamonds that speak to the very origins of these wonderful stones.

Glam Rocks

Gleaming tanzanite, citrine, rose quartz and amethysts are surrounded by reverse set precious stones in contrasting colours. The result is an opulent, futuristic collection with statement pieces that rise to each and every occasion.

Choose your stone and discover the Glam Rock that will complement your personality, your confidence and your style.

Fleurs De L’Inde

Inspired by the ancient jewels of Rajasthan Royalty, Fleurs de L’Inde are exquisite examples of traditional craftsmanship by the master jewellers of Jaipur.

The Collection features auspicious red rubies, green emeralds and glittering rose cut diamonds set in pure 18k yellow gold. Crafted using the traditional Kundan method; stones are set by hand in layers of pure 18k gold foil to create gorgeous, intricate floral designs.

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