Meet Manpriya B

Born in Delhi, Manpriya B developed an appreciation of the allure and romance of fine gemstones at an early age. Her mother’s passion for precious stones meant that there was always a small workbench at home. Manpriya learned that each stone has its own story to tell and that each wearer can marry their personality to the stone and make it their own.

Manpriya’s work in slice diamonds has brought her international recognition – those who buy slice diamond jewellery from Manpriya B know that their stone is one-of-a-kind. Slice diamonds tell a story many thousands of years old through their inclusions, their flaws, their imperfections. Manpriya was one of the first to design pieces to celebrate the imperfections of these unique stones and her Diva Slice Diamond Collection is renowned for its life, light and subtle elegance.

Now a sought-after jewellery designer based in London, Manpriya B couples her work in slice diamonds with a celebration of her original and enduring love for coloured stones. Acting again as a pioneer in her early career, Manpriya was one of the first to adopt the vivid blues of tanzanite into her collections – well before its renaissance as a stone for lovers of fine jewellery. Her Glam Rocks and Fleurs de L’Inde Collections include rubies, emeralds, sapphires, citrine and amethysts – individually selected with a refusal to compromise on the quality of the stones or exceptional standards of craftmanship.

Client stories

Patricia A.

Simply stunning

As one of Manpriya’s clients I’m delighted to add my name to the many who find her designs exquisite. It’s not just the precision in sourcing the most vivid gems of the highest quality that clearly have a purity and richness to them. It’s not just the time and effort she puts in to all her pieces from the smallest to the largest. It’s the vision she has that enables her to create something extraordinary from those gems. Whenever I wear her jewellery, people notice because not only are they things of beauty but she gives them a contemporary and modern twist. Quite simply stunning …

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