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The Collections represent a fusion of vintage high glamour and contemporary chic. Precious stones that have been handcrafted to the highest standards coupled with a flair for the personality of each piece – Manpriya B designs are simply exceptional. Jewels to last a lifetime and beyond.

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Manpriya B

Manpriya B  invites you to join her on a journey that began at her mother’s knee.  Only the most beautiful stones and most exceptional cuts were accepted on the workbench kept in her family home.  Her love of precious stones, an appreciation of superior craftsmanship and an exacting eye has meant that Manpriya retains a key place in the world of fine jewellery design – one of the first to work with slice diamonds as well as celebrating the beauty of coloured stones.

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Patricia A.

Simply stunning

As one of Manpriya’s clients I’m delighted to add my name to the many who find her designs exquisite. It’s not just the precision in sourcing the most vivid gems of the highest quality that clearly have a purity and richness to them. It’s not just the time and effort she puts in to all her pieces from the smallest to the largest. It’s the vision she has that enables her to create something extraordinary from those gems. Whenever I wear her jewellery, people notice because not only are they things of beauty but she gives them a contemporary and modern twist. Quite simply stunning …

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